6 Mar 2019 - 7 Mar 2019 | Lyon, France
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6 Mar 2019 - 7 Mar 2019
Lyon, France
Industry 4.0 International Days 2019 - Global Industrie

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EU-Taiwan Cluster Matchmaking Event 2019

A unique space to pursue collaboration between European clusters and Taiwanese organisations!

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) is pleased to host the EU-Taiwan Cluster Matchmaking Event 2019 in the context of the GLOBAL INDUSTRIE trade show. Embedded with the spirit of previous events, the objective is to continue providing EU clusters access to the Taiwanese market through close cooperation with organisations based in Taiwan.


  • To promote cooperation between cluster organisations in Europe and Taiwan to explore complementarities and potential partnerships;
  • To foster the continuation and follow-up of discussions started in previous ECCP matchmaking events involving cooperation with Taiwan

Main Topics

  • Manufacturing technologies and equipment;
  • Mechanical engineering and metalworking;
  • Smart industry and connected factory: cobotics, augmented reality, predictive maintenance, digitisation of production.


The ECCP specific activities* include:

  • 6 March afternoon - EU-Taiwan Cluster Cooperation Seminar
  • 7 March afternoon - EU-Taiwan Cluster Matchmaking Event (C2C)

*Only EU cluster organisations and Taiwanese organisations are allowed to participate in the EU-Taiwan Cluster Cooperation Seminar and the EU-Taiwan Cluster Matchmaking Event.

Additional information can be found here: www.clustercollaboration.eu/event-calendar/eu-taiwan-cluster-matchmaking-event-2019

Do not hesitate to contact us at EUmatchmaking@spi.pt for additional information.

The event is organised by the ECCP in cooperation with

The ECCP is a European Commission service aiming to provide cluster organisations with tools for an efficient use of networking instruments, development of transnational and international collaboration, and access to the latest information on cluster development, among others. Furthermore, the ECCP activities include the organisation of cluster matchmaking events in Europe and beyond.


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